Looking for Evangelical Anabaptist Fellowship? EAF disbanded in late 2001.

of Anabaptists has maintained oversight of this unofficial repository of the original online EAF articles, essays, and newsletters:

[For The Sake of the Kingdom: A Call for Twenty-first Century Mennonites to Reclaim the Evangelical Heart of Our Anabaptist Heritage]
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Chartered in 1992, the Evangelical Anabaptist Fellowship was a network of church members, pastors, congregational leaders, educators, students, missionaries and many others who believe that the worthy tenets of historic Anabaptism are built on the foundation of evangelical Christian doctrine and are most faithfully expressed within the framework of contemporary evangelicalism.

Welcome to EAF.net

This is the new EAF home page, at least as of July 17, 2003.

However, I still don't know what EAF stands for now.

Maybe the E stands for education, in which case . . .
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