Ignoring a Certain Common Thread

OK, so a bunch of “youths” have been busy burning cars and buildings in France.

Agence France Presse offers us this update:

More vehicles were set alight in suburban violence in France after President Jacques Chirac said the country needed to learn lessons from two weeks of unrest.

Rioters torched 463 cars in France overnight and police made 201 arrests, figures nearly identical to the previous night, the national police said Friday.

Overnight Thursday 482 cars were torched and 203 people arrested.

At the peak of the trouble on Sunday night some 1,400 vehicles had been torched and 395 people arrested across the country.


I suppose I shouldn’t be in this day and age, but I continue to be amazed at stories like this that not once mention the religious-cultural element that many of these “rioting youth” seem to have in common.


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Above all, love God!
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