Mennonites and Government Schools

Mennonites may flee Quebec town:

Members of Quebec’s only Mennonite community say they may move to Ontario or New Brunswick so they can keep their children in a private school that suits their religious beliefs.

Fifteen English-speaking Mennonite families in this small community in the Monteregie region say they won’t send their children to government-approved schools, balking at the teaching of evolution, the acceptance of gays and lesbians and low “morality standards.”

They say they are considering relocation out of fear that child-protection officials will seize their children.

Other townspeople here — mostly francophone Catholics — support the primarily English school, deemed illegal by Quebec’s Education Department.

The story continues:

He said about 30 members of the community — young couples and their school-aged children — will have to move before school starts. The others will follow.

News reports last year about unsanctioned schools led to a complaint to the Education Department about the Mennonite school.

Parents were warned they would face legal proceedings if their children aren’t enrolled in sanctioned schools this fall. That could lead to children being taken from families

And this:

In Roxton Falls, the vast majority of non-Mennonites strongly support the school, said the town’s Mayor, Jean-Marie Laplante. This week, he wrote letters to the education department and Education Minister Michelle Courchesne in an effort to save the school.

We’ll see how it all shakes out.

I empathize (or at least sympathize) with my fellow-Mennonites and fellow-parents, but I wonder if Mr. Goosen didn’t overstate his case with this comment:

“It boils down to intolerance to our religion” by education officials, said Ronald Goossen, who in the early 1990s was among the first Mennonites from Manitoba to move to Roxton Falls, a sleepy town on the Riviere Noire, about 100 kilometres east of Montreal.

If they truly fail to meet whatever standards the state has, then change or move or appeal, but please don’t play the intolerance card.



3 thoughts on “Mennonites and Government Schools

  1. You may be correct in this particular case, but I think you would agree that there is a noticeable growing intolerance for Christianity in general in growing circles of influence. Biblically speaking of course, we should not be surprised by this. Part of this is no doubt due to a fate that only God Himself controls, but perhaps part to the general lack of collective Christianity’s unwillingness to actively engage the culture and effect change.

  2. You quickly adviced Mennonites :

    “If they truly fail to meet whatever standards the state has, then change or move or appeal, but please don’t play the intolerance card.”

    1) The State can thus set any standard it wants according to you and be judge and party.

    2) This imposition on all children and schools of the State’s curriculum and even the way to teach this curriculum is a specificity of the very leftist Quebec.

    3) They are moving.

    4) They don’t sue people and government (they are pacifists)


    5) But appeal to everybody’s sense of Justice (not sure the State that cold Monster as Nietzsche daid) does have such a sense of Justice.

  3. i fully support my christian friends who wish to protect our children from anti christian doctrines coming from the public school system;it grieves my spirit to think that this province which is so blessed by god is being led so far down the wrong path by pressure groups and non believing politicians.then how can i be surprised really since many of these people are themselves products of anti christian public institutions.
    god will never abandon his people and we shall overcome this hatred with gods pure love as proclaimed by his holy word ,which thank god is still accessible to all in the west;so my friends let us win back for jesus all these lost sheep who await us may gods holy name be praised in the highest

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