Whose Children?

Professor Robert Reich on homeschooling and parenting:

If parents can control every aspect of a kid’s education, shield them from exposure to the things that the parents deem sinful or objectionable, screen in only the things which accord to their convictions, and not allow them exposure to the world of a democracy, will the children grow up then basically in the own image of their parents, servile to their own parents’ beliefs?

Why is that so repulsive, frightening, and objectionable to him?

Surely he doesn’t think that I as a parent should purposefully expose my children to those things I deem sinful or objectionable. Surely he doesn’t believe that parents should so disregard their own convictions as to bring in those things which undermine and oppose those convictions.

To Train Up A Child

If he does, then he should chuck his own convictions and objections on this subject, allowing parents the latitude to train their children. That would be a consistent position for him to take.

I believe it is my God-given responsibility to train my children in the way they should go.

They are God’s children given into my care for love, nurture, and training.

The idea that they are the responsibility of the state or the village or some other institution flies in the face of that.

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Above all, love God!
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