Bailout Arrows

Whether or not you’re for the huge bailout that went into law yesterday, I suppose you should know this:

An Oregon arrow maker suffers slings of outrage

An Oregon company selling a 30-cent shaft for children’s arrows became a bull’s-eye for critics of congressional pork nationwide Friday, when lawmakers eliminated an arcane tax as part of their $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.


The critics gathered force, and the tiny company based in southern Oregon’s Myrtle Point found itself the surprising flash point for public venting against a bailout package with costs too vast for most citizens to grasp.


As of Friday, Dishion received more than 100 phone calls, 40 e-mails and hate mail from people across the country, not to mention phone calls from the BBC and mentions on the Bill O’Reilly talk show.


The flap reveals the misinformation circulating about what the 43-cent tax repeal is really about, according to Jay McAninch, president of the Archery Trade Association.


The tax became a problem for Rose City and a handful of other companies in 2004, when lawmakers, while trying to correct another problem with the arrow tax, changed a 12 percent tax on all arrows to a flat 43-cent tax on arrow shafts. The tax, which got tacked on to every arrow shaft, goes to fund educational programs put on by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Rose City Archery’s wooden arrow shafts sell for 30 cents.

Wait a minute. How does that work?

A 43-cent tax on a 30-cent shaft? 😯

“The 43-cent tax took a huge toll on its youth archery business” the above article goes on to say.

No kidding.

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