Hold to His Hand

Danny and Liisa, Liisa and Dan,
Walking together through life hand in hand
Raising a family, doing their best
Through thick and thin and every hard test
Holding to God and trusting His way
Living and laughing and loving each day.
Till one day God called
And He said, “Come home, Dan,
I’d like you to sing in my heavenly band
I’ll care for your family — trust Me on this,
They’re special to Me and I know they will miss
You, Dan, as their father,
But I want them to trust
And have faith in Me — that is a must.”
So now picture with me a brand new Dan
Walking with Jesus hand in hand
Now do you not hold to Jesus’ hand too?
Are you seeing the picture in this life so new?
You on one side, and Dan on the other
Jesus between you still holds you together
Yes, we must let go and not wish him back
Though our hearts break and we feel such a lack
God has a grand purpose, a wonderful plan
Keep trusting and hold to His unchanging hand.

My wife Ruby wrote this yet-unfinished poem for Liisa. (I just made up the title — Ruby hasn’t titled it yet.)

For those interested in the family connection, Dan’s mother is my first cousin Janet (Shetler) Ewing.

Danny and Liisa Ewing and some of their children

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Above all, love God!
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