Mexico: Check Out This View!

Or at least check out these view “establishers.”

My wife Ruby and I were in Guaymas Valley (Mexico) again; this time, the last part of June. And we stayed with Margaret Miller again. (Did I already tell you that in an earlier post?)

For breaks and entertainment, I experimented with various “frames” for some pictures.

southern view out the outhouse

looking east now, the length of the back porch

vertical view out of a jug
(me looking into a homemade clothespin holder/hanger)

through Margy’s pill box
(in Margy’s kitchen — looking at Ruby)

through the hand hole in the side of a box
(partial kitchen view)

through the back of a blue plastic chair
(some of Margy’s flowers)

this time through a short piece of pvc pipe

another flower

looking into kitchen through small window in back door

Sometimes the “frame” didn’t work well at all.

I tried a 10-12 foot length of white pvc pipe. That’s way too long!

But I got an unexpectedly-beautiful-in-its-own-way picture.

looking into a long white pvc pipe — in the sunshine

same pipe — now rinsed and in the shade

I like alternative photography. Maybe that’s my hobby.

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