SMBI: Days of Elijah

OK. I won’t do this often. Very rarely, in fact. For the record: I am not a YouTube fan.

I learned about this video from one of the singers (and fellow blogger), Hans Mast.

Hans Mast, live and in concert!

I’m calling your attention to it because my family and I heard them live in Lebanon (Oregon). We really enjoyed that program, even if the venerable Urie Sharp wasn’t the director.

Oh, I didn’t mention these are the Sharon Singers from Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute (SMBI).

May this song encourage you. And warn you.

Behold, He comes!

We live in perilous times, as in the days of Elijah and as in the days of Noah.


4 thoughts on “SMBI: Days of Elijah

  1. I’ve been playing this rendition for weeks and just never tire of it. I continue to be blessed.

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