Tony Marino Hangs a Lantern

OregonLive reports:

House candidate tells all in letter

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama confessed snorting cocaine in high school, and Portland mayoral candidate Sam Adams came clean with his bankruptcy.

But Tony Marino, a Tigard Republican running for the Oregon House, may be the top candidate confessor with an open letter distributed to newspaper readers listing all his flaws: bankruptcy, multiple divorces, a federal tax lien and a degree from an online university that’s not accredited in Oregon.

Way to go, Mr. Marino. Your openness is commendable. (I plan similar openness before too long in my own “campaign.”)

But five divorces?!! 😯

At least he’s been married to Number Six for at least ten years.

If you look at the second paragraph in my selected quote above, you’ll see “listing all his flaws.” But if you read the full article, you’ll also note that not all his flaws are listed. What’s with that? Don’t they make writers and reporters and editors like they used to?! 🙄

I wonder when Tony will fess up to substitute hosting for Michael Savage. (Or was it Bill Cunningham?) I’m sure he’ll just deny it. So would I.

1 thought on “Tony Marino Hangs a Lantern

  1. I notice he still has the Dr Marino on his website at America Web Works. It’s not even accredited in Oregon and who knows how many other states. 3 months online and you have the nerve to present yourself as a doctor?????? What could he have possibly been thinking. Although judging by the mess he is in it’s doubtfull he is doing any thinking.

    Drop the Dr Marino and Phd masquerade and learn to earn your way like everyone else!

    Simon Ferry

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