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Bovine, actually. Cows, you know.

But first, the owner of the cows around here:

TW tilling our garden...again

Yup, he’s tilling our garden. For the third time in a week. Voluntarily. Free of charge. He’s a great landlord! (Thank you, TW!)

Note: Some of the images below are clickable-to-see-a-larger-version.

But back to bovine matters. Here’s one of the many mothers around here, accompanied by her child:

Mom and kid with God's background

The background is fuzzy but it gives you an idea of the beautiful views we have out back.

Here’s that same mother and kid:

Cows doing what cows do -- staring

Oh, I mentioned the views out back, here’s another one (shot in the evening haze), this one of Oregon’s own Mt. Hood:

Oregon's Mount Hood

Well, there I went and wandered from the cow theme. So here you have a little one calling its mama at eventide:

Calf calling mother

Here’s another child and its mother:

Calf at feeding stanchion

And another shot of the same two:

That's how baby cows eat?!

And now…rounding out today’s inspiring photo collection…a newborn calf…just a few hours old:

Brand new baby cow

Hours old bovine calf

So, this fine morning here in Oregon, call me grateful for views, cows, and nice landlords.


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Above all, love God!
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