Boggle 5

Are you a dedal burd? Or just a dreaded nerd?

Here you go — one of our games from the other evening:

Our fourth game of Boggle

Here’s my usual reminder of how we play the game here at Ain’t Complicated:

  1. Minimum word length: four letters
  2. No plurals created by adding s
  3. Maximum words per player per day: five
  4. No time limit
  5. Only what you can see

Item 5 means do not use online sources to generate words. This rule applies only for the first two days of the game.

Remember, please: Five words per player per day.

11 thoughts on “Boggle 5

  1. I forgot to check here for a few days. But I’ll stick to just five words this time, because it’s getting harder to find words.


  2. Still going? Must be the Everready Bunny™!

    tune (no one got this thought two other forms of it are used)
    neral (variation of citral, a chemical term)

    Any more, Pauline?

  3. I forgot to come back until today. My batteries have run out quite a few times since the 13th, but fortunately they’re rechargeable. (I just finished charging with some leftover spaghetti and meatballs, an apple, and some trail mix.)

    I’m not sure quite what it means to be deader, but the dictionary says it’s a word.

    I thought of nard several times, but never got around to listing it.

    Dedal is considered archaic. It means daedal, which means skillful; ingenious; or cleverly intricate. I had assumed it came from Daedalus in Greek mythology, but the etymology shows it comes from the Greek word daidalos meaning “cunning worker,” from daidalein, to work with skill. So I guess Daedalus was named that because he was one.

    How did I miss lantern until just now?!

    Burd is a Scottish word meaning young lady, maiden. Used in old ballads.

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