Boggle 6

Time to launch another round! As usual, this is one played in real life by three Roths an evening (a few weeks ago by now):

Our fourth game of Boggle
Playing this game will may keep your mind young(er)!

Here’s my usual reminder of how we play the game here at Ain’t Complicated:

  1. Minimum word length: four letters
  2. No plurals created by adding s
  3. Maximum words per player per day: five
  4. No time limit
  5. Only what you can see

Item 5 means do not use online sources to generate words. This rule applies only for the first two days of the game.

Remember, please: Five words per player per day.

(And tell me: Where else can you plan genuine, real-from-life Boggle online, huh?)

12 thoughts on “Boggle 6

  1. Did you edit my post, Mark? I wrote the words on one line because they made a coherent sentence. (The) maniac made (the) proud nomad roam. I was rather pleased at being able to do that.

    • I did. Because the vertical list is easier to read (for this purpose).

      But your coherent sentence is neat! So I changed it back. Thanks.

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