Breaking News: Life on Jupiter!

I mean: Breaking News? Life on Jupiter? 😯

I’ve photographic documentation:

Can you see the fans?!

So there you are — life on Jupiter. How else can you interpret that photo, huh?

I mean, I can’t see any fans or players on that photo, but somebody must have thought they did. And watermelons on their heads, too! Maybe if I had a high-power magnifying glass….

I know, I know — it says “Ontario” but that sure looks like Jupiter to me. Is there an Ontario on Jupiter? (Give me a break, OK? I have a hard enough challenge with aspects of terrestrial geography, so don’t expect me to be an expert on some other planet.)

This has got to qualify among the top 10 facts about Jupiter that every one should know!

Or is this photo some portion of Canadian geography that bears a striking resemblance to Jupiter?

Anyway, I assure you I made no changes to the content of that screen capture! And you can see more of it by clicking on it.

There’s a good explanation, no doubt. Can you figure it out? (Maybe somebody at the New York Daily News can respond, eh?)

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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