Hubbard, Oregon

Way back in 1983-1987, we used to live in the town, in this little house:

Where we used to live in Hubbard, Oregon

Since it’s in the Industrial Park, I’m kinda surprised it’s still there and in use as a private residence. In fact, the mailbox I put up is still there, now in rusty glory:

Our mailbox in Hubbard, Oregon

They’ve got a nice park. Maybe our family will go there for a picnic this summer:

Hubbard City Park

Ruby and I were in Hubbard this morning on a little Let’s Get Reacquainted expedition.

Here’s the water tower, as seen from close to the Kennedy Brothers real estate office on Front Street:

Hubbard Water Tower as seen from Front Street

And here it is again, shot out the car window as steered with the other hand and didn’t watch where I was going (for just a little bit, of course!):

Hubbard's water town up close

Here we are going south on Highway 99E, riding behind our Honda’s cracked windshield:

Going south through Hubbard on Hwy 99E

And now we’re headed home, going East out of Hubbard on Whiskey Hill Road:

Leaving Hubbard on Whiskey Hill Road toward Hopewell Mennonite Church

Our home church — Hopewell Mennonite Church — is roughly two miles out of town down this road.

Nice town, Hubbard is.

Oh, do you know how many churches are in town?

2 thoughts on “Hubbard, Oregon

  1. I lived with elmer and nancy glick on their dairy farm. I now come to respect the
    simple christion life. Knowing your saved by the blood of Jesus Christ is so wonderful
    and it was in hopewll church that I gave my heart to the lord.
    Through the years I’ve come to appricate more of the simple teaching. Keep yourfaith
    knowing your misitry is not in vain.. My brother Don,Lonnie,Derald & my sister Lonna
    still believe what we were taught at Hopewll.
    God bless you all and if Eunice King is still there tell I love her and think of her often.
    My motto: Count your blessing and you will have no time to complain.

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