Mennonite Your Way

I have never Mennonited my way, though I have stayed in a few Mennonite homes while traveling. The family we have most “taken advantage of” is that of Lyle Kropf in Arizona. (Thank you, Lyle and Nancy!!)

If it were solely up to Ruby, we would Mennonite our way all over the place lots of times. :lol: (Consider that one of our “opposites attract” Tidbits You Don’t Need To Know About Us But Now You Do.)

Goolge Alerts informed me of this a few minutes ago:

Many Mennos don’t realize that there is a fantastic resource out there for our enjoyment and usage. It’s called the “Mennonite Your Way” Directory. It is a very nice book full of listings of Mennonites around the world willing to take in other Mennonites who are travelling and want to stay in a cozy, local home for a portion of their journey. Lodging is by donation and though hosts are not expected to do any entertaining, driving or feeding, part of the fun is chatting over a cup of tea.

Here you may read more of the Thiessen story.

You also might be interested in stopping by Mennonite Your Way.

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3 Responses to Mennonite Your Way

  1. Kim says:

    I can only handle so much of staying in people’s homes. Give me a nice hotel room and I am set. I don’t have to worry about kittens climbing on me and chasing each other, no roosters outside the bedroom window, bed time when I want, etc.

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  3. Keith says:

    Kim, I have a solution for ya, it’s

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