Pacific City’s Cape Kiwanda

We were out there on August 27 to mark the end of summer vacation…and to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 53rd birthday the previous day.

So I took some Oregon Coast photos. But first some I took some at our picnic at the park on Hwy 18 in the Van Duzer Corridor.

at Van Duzer park on Oregon Hwy 18
There we are — The Roths and Uncle Wesley Yoder

creek at Van Duzer park on Oregon Hwy 18
What a neat little creek at the Van Duzer park on Hwy 18!

walking stick on water jug
a walking stick that landed on our water jug

Oregon's Pacific City: dory launch
launching a dory off the beach at Pacific City
Haystack Rock in the foggy background

Oregon's Pacific City: Roth trio on the dune
Roth dune climbers
Michayla must be photographing the The Three Elderly Strollers below!

Oregon's Pacific City: Roths on the dune
Andrew & Michayla & Dora on the dune

Wes, Ruby, Mark
Wesley Yoder, his sister Ruby, and her husband Mark Roth
strolling the beach at Pacific City

Oregon's Pacific City: Hay Stack Rock
Hay Stack Rock off Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City
Wes and Ruby there too

The elder trio at Cape Kiwanda -- Haystack Rock
Haystack Rock — the elder trio — Cape Kiwanda

a beach birthday greeting for Trey
a sandy birthday greeting
photo texted to our grandson Trey Mullet

Cape Kiwanda Dummies
Cape Kiwanda Dummies 😯

Tossing the football at D River in Lincoln City
Foggy beach — D River — Lincoln City — Oregon Coast
Andy and Uncle Wes tossing the football
See it?

I used a couple of these photos as computer wallpaper material here and here.

1 thought on “Pacific City’s Cape Kiwanda

  1. Following the Timo Miller case with Great interest!

    Love your pictures from Pacific City Oregon. I spent a lot of time there, this where my parents retired from the ministry. The Ezra Beachy Bridge in Pacific City was named after my brother Ezra.

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