Roths in Winston

"We always want to give to people that need help."

So this evening I looked at a Google Alert I got for the word Mennonite. Most of the time there’s little to nothing of interest to me in these Alerts.

But I saw David Roth, 10, and Winston (Oregon) mentioned. He’s my cousins’ son!

So I “had” to chase down the article:

Church sewing group creates comforters to comfort moms and families

About a half-dozen women, two teenage girls, and several young boys hunched over two comforter tops that were stretched taut on wooden frames in the basement of the one-room church.

Most of the women wore calf-length, print dresses. Their hair was pinned up in buns, covered with small, black scarves called prayer veilings. They chatted and joked together as some of them pulled large, threaded needles down and then up through the stretched fabric.


Throughout the afternoon, the group planned to finish one large, multi-colored comforter and four, small baby blankets, all to be given away to others.

Letha Roth at sewing circle

The article continued, “It’s just another way of helping people,” said Letha Roth, who has been part of the club for about 20 years. “We always want to give to people that need help.”

Letha Roth?! That’s my aunt! That’s pretty neat. 😀

She’s wearing the pink sweater in the photo at the right. The other lady is Clara Miller.

Since the original article is now hidden behind a subscriber wall, here is the pdf of it: Winston Mennonite Church Quilters.

photo of my cousin's children, David and Jonathan Roth

David Roth, Jonathan Roth, and Veronica Stadig (the boys are my cousins’ children)

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