Today’s Featured Post Office

Here’s a scan of the upper right corner of a letter we got from a customer:

Letter postmarked without a stamp!

I guess we should move to Eugene, Oregon. Imagine how much money we could save on postage! (Last year we spent over $23,000 in postage.)

Alas, I don’t know which Post Office in Eugene so generously postmarked the stamp-less letter. 😆

Whichever it is, “Hip hip hooray for the USPS!”


2 thoughts on “Today’s Featured Post Office

  1. Being that 99% of mail is run through machines this will happen. Having worked for the USPS for 30 years in a big Post Office I’ve seen this and other mishaps over the years. A machine, no matter how good, will mess up, just like humans. Even most of the mail that a carrier delivers is sorted by street address in order of delivery, so the carrier doesn’t have to sort much today in a case inside the building like he did when I first hired in. The carrier will get tray after tray of presorted in order of delivrey mail, that he riffels through, so that letter could easily slip past him, not his fault, just the way the P.O. is today.

  2. A piece of mail can be dropped in a mailbox along with thousands of others. The carrier picking up the mail will just dump it in a hamper and taken to the P.O. There the hamper of mail is dumped into a machine that sorts it out, cancels it and put it in trays to be sorted on machines that will sort it by zip, then address, in order of delivery. Carriers will get whole trays of mail already sorted in order of delivery, so there is a good chance that a piece of mail will never be touched by human hands once a person drops it into a mailbox until a person who it is sent to opens it.

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