Three Cheers for Mushrooms

“Most of the world is deficient in Vitamin D and I think we have been misled in the past by governmental and scientific advice on needed levels of Vitamin D for healthy nutrition.”

He said the U.S. government has been under dosing the population (with its recommended levels of Vitamin D) and the American Academy of Pediatrics has agreed.

That’s what our local Mushroom Doctor said. And here’s more:

“It is a possibility that even viral flu occurrences could be related to deficiency in Vitamin D and same with the swine flu. Recent published scientific articles throughout the world have suggested that mushrooms have the potential to help with symptoms related to arthritis, immune function, energy levels and perhaps even memory.”

And more:

“I can put in one capsule your daily dose of vitamin D. It’s unheard of. This is all new stuff. The body needs vitamin D and you should be sitting in the sun for 30 minutes a day … just the opposite of what dermatologists say. “I am really excited.”

Source: Wisdom in mushrooms?

The article starts this way:

For Dr. Marvin Hausman, surgically saving lives has been his life’s calling — until now. The long-time urological and transplant surgeon and research doctor may have found the key to an effective treatment, if not cure, to a devastating disease that has had doctors puzzled for decades.

Recently, through extensive research with collaborators at the University of Texas and Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) and through his own work, Hausman may have found an effective treatment, even prevention, for Alzheimer’s disease.

So be sure to have lots of extra mushrooms on your pizza and in your stir fry.

And go get your daily 30 minutes of sunshine.

Right now.

Go! Go! Go!

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