Confronting Evil

Earlier this morning, I read and commented a bit on Psalm 121. Then I came across this:

The bottom line is simple to state but far more complex to practice and effectively put in place. Evil must be confronted. To confront evil, it must first be identified and branded as such. And as a Christian, I must not confront evil with evil. And there is where the rubber meets the road, there is where the struggle becomes real, there is where, if I can add a bottom line to the bottom line, I need help.

And so I commit this year to be constantly seeking that help. Sadly, because I know myself, I’ll need help in adhering to that commitment but I know from whence that help originates.

Source: What will the New Year bring?

How must a Christian confront evil?

Part of the answer: with good and with blessing.

What’s more of the answer?

Now what I wrote earlier this morning: My Help.

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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