Know Who You’re Talking To?

How frequently I forget The Jesus Option in my long-running woes and spur-of-the-moment desperations!

How easily I pray a bit and quit!

How often I petition God earnestly…while suspecting He doesn’t have in mind to satisfy my need!

Now, reading this a few minutes ago, I don’t know what to make of it:

If you and I knew who Jesus was—really, really knew—would we pray differently? […]

He commended people who gave Him no rest in these concerns.

Two blind men gave Him no rest. They cried out to Jesus, and not only did He ignore them, He walked into someone’s house. They had to barge in after Him before they got satisfaction Matthew 9:27-31.

The Syrophoenician woman gave Him no rest. She begged to the point of harassment, and Jesus gave her no encouragement. But she would not be put off until she got satisfaction Mark 7:24-30.

Maybe Jesus was waiting to see how badly they wanted what they wanted, and how strongly they believed He was both merciful and able.

What is it that you wished for today that you kept to yourself and didn’t even think to pray for because you didn’t believe God would be willing to grant it?

Once again, many thanks, Andreé Seu (‘If you knew’).

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Above all, love God!
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