Mennonite Businesses in Madras

I don’t know how many Mennonite-run businesses have “set up shop” in Madras, Oregon. At least five, I suspect. Be that as it may, this post is about two owned by preachers.

First, because it’s older, is Eagle Bakery. I’ve been to their store in town…and enjoyed the mighty fine eating and atmosphere. Rob may be a conservative Mennonite but I notice in the archives of the local paper that he and his wife Faye have helped an Adventist school. And despite being non-resistant, they’ve also helped in a nice project for some war veterans. I heartily commend them for their generous spirit.

Then there’s the more-recently launched bent-and-dent store, Miller’s Discount Groceries. I’ve never been in their store but I’m looking forward to doing so the next time I’m in town. (I like that kind of store.)

Next time you’re in Madras, how about you do me a favor and stop by both places? You could even tell them, “Mark Roth said to give you his greetings.” I would like that very much. And they might as well. In fact, you might, too. 🙂

If you go to the grocery store (map) first, you’ll be within four blocks from the bakery. (I suspect it works out to the same distance the other way around also.)

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