Seduced: He Went After Her

As I do six days a week, I went to a well-known payment processing site…and pondered the new graphic:

girl and boy kissing on a street corner a la Proverbs 7?

I thought of this right away:

For at the window of my house
I looked through my lattice,
And saw among the simple,
I perceived among the youths,
A young man devoid of understanding,
Passing along the street near her corner…
In the twilight, in the evening,
In the black and dark night.
And there a woman met him…
So she caught him and kissed him…
With her enticing speech she caused him to yield,
With her flattering lips she seduced him.
Immediately he went after her, as an ox goes to the slaughter…

Sad, isn’t it? I don’t ask that in a judgmental way. I ask it…sadly.

I still think of that when I go to that site. Sadly.

May God have mercy…redemptive, redeeming, restoring mercy…on men who seduce women and on women who seduce men. And those allowing themselves to be seduced.

And on me. I need that mercy also.

My intent is not to impugn the character of the two individuals pictured above. I’m just telling you I thought of the other two individuals mentioned in Proverbs 7.

Disclaimer: I modified the dimensions and corners of the graphic (and blurred out the text, of course).

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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