Timo Miller Points to Kenneth Miller?

I just saw this a few minutes ago:

Man Surrenders in Lesbian Custody Case

A man who U.S. officials say helped a woman leave the country with her daughter to avoid giving custody to her former lesbian partner surrendered Tuesday to face charges he aided in international parental kidnapping.

A complaint unsealed Tuesday said Kenneth L. Miller, 46, arranged passage for Lisa Miller to travel to Canada before flying with her daughter in 2009 to Nicaragua, where she was sheltered for a time by a Mennonite missionaries.

Kenneth Miller appeared in U.S. District Court in Vermont and was released, said U.S. Attorney Tristram Coffin. His attorney, Brooks McArthur, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.


Earlier this year, prosecutors indicted an American Mennonite missionary living in Nicaragua, Timothy Miller, on charges of helping Lisa Miller reach Central America. In October, prosecutors dropped the charges against Timothy Miller in exchange for his cooperation.

None of the Millers involved in the case is related.

The affidavit made public Tuesday indicated that Timothy Miller had helped provide the information that led to the charges against Kenneth Miller, a Mennonite pastor.

If convicted of aiding in international parental kidnapping, Kenneth Miller could be sentenced to three years in prison.


I don’t know what the whole story is behind Timo Miller helping provide information that led to charges against Ken Miller.

Nor do I know what prompted Ken to turn himself in.

This whole mess has been very troubling to me.

It just got more so.

1 thought on “Timo Miller Points to Kenneth Miller?

  1. What on earth does America think they will achieve by sending Kenneth Miller to prison for helping a woman do the right thing? I guess they will not understand that he was doing the right thing coming from their secular viewpoint.

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