WordPress 3.3 Is Available Now

I see the notification thingy right up there!

I’ll wait for the first update.

That should come in a week or so.

With at least ten WP installations around the Web under my management, no sense in getting in a hurry to update to 3.3 right now.

I’ll just wait for 3.3.1 or 3.3a or whatever they’ll call it.

Three point three cheers for WordPress!

3 thoughts on “WordPress 3.3 Is Available Now

    • Hey, Tom! Thanks for your comment. Well, question. No, I don’t use it. Not yet. Since for years I’ve had three WP installations running three main blogs here at EAF, I got scared off by one of the warnings. I’m holding out in anticipation of some future version of WP allowing me to run well-seasoned blogs as subdirectories of the same domain off a single WP install.

      Til I got to the end of that latest statement it was starting to feel rather wobbly in its construction. I’ve opted not to try to fix it. Fact is, I have decided not to re-read it even. So I hope it isn’t too much of an assault on the senses.

      Are you planning to create a WP network at icedteaforever?

      • That would be fun! Unfortunately though, no.

        What you said about multiple WP installs made me think of some plugin that used to do that, and when I tried to look it up I ran across mention of the create a network feature. Someday I’ll check it out.

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