You Can’t Just Walk By

Amid the negativity all around us, some rays of cheer and good news…

Erika Jenkins was riding her bike home when she noticed an elderly woman walking alone, eastbound on Main Street, carrying a framed picture. Her own ears were freezing, but Jenkins noticed the woman wore only sweatpants, shoes and a long-sleeved shirt, with no jacket to shield her from the cold.

“I couldn’t not stop,” Jenkins said. “When you see something like that or a kid that’s lost you can’t just walk by.”


Sundowner’s Syndrome is common among Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, Jenkins said, causing them to become more confused and disoriented in the evenings. Sometimes this makes it difficult for doctors to diagnose them, since the patient may appear clear-headed during an appointment earlier in the day.

Source: Molalla Pioneer

Three cheers for Erika Jenkins and those who helped her rescue Delores Dillow!

Actually, three cheers would make only a good beginning.

God bless you, Erika.

(I also commend the Molalla Pioneer for not making this story a subscriber-only piece. Thank you!)

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Above all, love God!
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