A Quarter’s Worth of Pennies

Nickel, USA Penny, USA So…a quarter’s worth of pennies costs 60 cents. 😯

And a quarter’s worth of nickels costs 56 cents. πŸ™„

I wonder what they’re bringing on eBay… πŸ˜†

“recently, the penny has cost approximately 2.4 cents,
and the nickel approximately 11.2 cents to produce”
U.S. Mint Loses 6 Cents On Every Nickel It Produces

I hope I just launched the latest eBay craze.

(If I did — or didn’t — you could see if I caught it.)

Seriously, though. This is a good launching point for this question:

For what am I paying too much?

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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