Christians Driven from Homs, Syria?

Wishing a special fate on anti-Christian persecutors

According to Wikipedia, Homs has the second highest concentration of Christians in Syria.


According to several other sources, Christians have been driven from Homs.

By now I knew about Homs.

But I didn’t know about this until now.

Syria: Christians thrown out of Homs by Al Qaeda

While the Syrian opposition forces have been guilty of violence, abuse, and torture – as stated in a report released by Human Rights Watch – in Homs there is “an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians”, carried out by members of the “Brigade Faruq”, which has been linked to Al Qaeda. This is according to sources in the Syrian Orthodox Church, which represents 60% of Christians in Syria. Militant armed Islamists – says the source – have managed to expel 90% of Christians from Homs and confiscated their homes by force.

According to Syrian Orthodox sources, the militants went door to door in the neighborhoods of Hamidiya and Bustan al-Diwan, forcing Christians to flee, without giving them the chance to take their belongings. The “Faruq Brigade” is run by armed elements of Al-Qaeda and various Wahhabi groups and includes mercenaries from Libya and Iraq.

The Vatican representative at Aleppo, Apostolic Vicar Monsignor Giuseppe Nazzaro told the Fides news service, “We have no sources to confirm this information directly, but we can say that these relationships are beginning to break down the wall of silence built up to now by the press worldwide. In this situation Islamist and terrorist movements are making headway”.

Even the Los Angeles Times is reporting this: Church fears ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Christians in Homs, Syria

Once upon a time, Saul was on an anti-Christian mission to Syria.

May at least a few anti-Christians there today suffer a similar “fate”!

Christian areas in Syria, according to Wikipedia today

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