Dead Mouse Died Mysterious Death


Yesterday morning, before anyone else was up, I stepped into our closed, attached garage and saw a puzzling scene.

A dead mouse lay on the floor. Weird.

I stepped over to where I could see the trap I’d set the night before. It was sprung and empty. Weird.

We have no critter poison available for public consumption in the garage. (Not for non-public consumption, either).

We have no interested-in-killing-mice-but-not-eating-them cat. (No cat at all, for that matter.)

I didn’t tinker with the scene at all, not in real life, not on my computer, not on any digital device.

So what’s the explanation for this?

Dead mouse not in sprung trap
See the upside down sprung trap in the “alley”?

I don’t know what happened.

What’s your theory?

2 thoughts on “Dead Mouse Died Mysterious Death

  1. I came across a very similar thing this morning in my kitchen except the mouse was right next to the sprung trap. Really weird.

  2. my experience was equally baffling. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water- see no mouse whatsoever. As I turn around I see a dead mouse in the spot I just walked by. After screaming/jumping on the counter and after my husband gallantly comes to rescue and throws the mouse in a trashbag – he mentioned that the mouse was moving …he was not dead !!! he was just rendered unconsciously by some mysterious force!!!! weird!!

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