Fresh Peach Pie

Yesterday Ruby made a fresh peach pie.

photo of fresh peach pie
Fresh Peach Pie — recipe below

As in, fresh peaches comprise the main ingredient. Not cooked peaches. Not frozen peaches. Not baked peaches (no, not even in the pie, OK?).

She used the recipe on page 189 of the old Western Mennonite Cookbook, which was compiled by Emily Mast and Katie Lind from recipes contributed by alumni, students, staff, former staff, and alumni mothers of Western Mennonite School. It was printed by Marcus Lind (in 1975, I think). Ruby got the cookbook from her parents on May 27, 1977. I therefore deduce it was a graduation gift.

Anyway, here’s the recipe:

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
3 tbsps corn syrup
2 tbsps corn starch
2 tbsps orange jello
baked pie shell

Combine the sugar and cornstarch in a small saucepan. Slowly stir in the water. Add syrup. Bring to rolling boil. Cook till clear. Add jello. Cool slightly. Add sliced peaches and pour into baked pie shell. When cooled completely, top with whipped cream.

Mary Anne Headings Zoss (Mrs. Ronald)
Low Point, Illinois

I’m hoping Ruby makes another one tomorrow. I think we still have enough fresh peaches left. And I still have more than enough appetite for another pie.

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