Headlines: March 7, 2012

In my scope today. No, I didn’t read all of the stories all the way through.

Disclaimer, Jr: The story featuring President Obama isn’t to bash him, but to call attention to Israel’s peril.

Disclaimer III: The two non-linked headlines are thus because I think some of the marginal stories and photos are not necessary for me to link to, even indirectly. And, no, I didn’t see them; my browser is set to block images on that particular site.

What Sank the Titanic? Scientists Point to the Moon

Iconic Brands That Disappeared

Police Given Direct Line to Cell Phone Searches

TSA Nude Body Scanners: Jonathan Corbett Video Exposes Loophole

‘Brosiery’ and ‘mantyhose’ take off as men seek the warmth, comfort… and ‘fashion statement’ of patterned tights

Just War

Obama’s Amateur AIPAC Move

Solar Storm Headed Toward Earth May Disrupt Power

Parents Didn’t Realize They Left 3-Year-Old At Chuck E. Cheese’s Until Watching News

Which Websites Mishandled Your Personal Info

FBI Launches Unprecedented Attack On NYPD Over Muslim Surveillance Tactics…

MITT CAMP: Take ‘act of God’ for Rick or Newt to win…

Yes, I saw other headlines today. No, I’ll not bug you with them. 🙂

PS to Mitt camp: If you’re quoted accurately, you are right. Absolutely right. Just so you’re clear, though, if your candidate wins, it will be no less an act of God: Known But to God and Election 2000: The Sovereign One Has Spoken. I thought you should know.

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Above all, love God!
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