Photo: My Stuff

As seen on a portion of my desk.

Labeled for easy and helpful reference.

Learn to know a little more about me.

A photo of some stuff on Mark Roth's desk
Disclaimer: the numbers…I added them to the photo.

  1. Box Tops for Education coupon — to sell on eBay
  2. Royal Bank of Canada pen — got it from one of their workers (a cousin of Ruby)
  3. a small percentage of my bills
  4. Hope Mennonite Missions annual chairman’s report to Hopewell Mennonite Church
  5. a nail I picked alongside the road — fodder for a “life lessons” post
  6. Six-year-old IBM ThinkPad R51e — what a great machine it’s been!!
  7. gift mug from Woodburn Public Library — I was their webmaster many years ago
  8. me and she — at (possibly) Silver Falls State Park a year or two ago

And if you want to learn more about how I think, buy my book! 🙄

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Above all, love God!
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