Replacing the Pudding River Bridge

So the county (Marion? Clackamas?) is planning to replace our nice, old, unique, historic, bent bridge across the Pudding River, eh?

You know, the one east of Hubbard (Oregon, naturally) on Whiskey Hill Road.

Replacing it is fine and dandy with me…provided they leave it there. 😯

They could restrict access to foot traffic, put picnic tables on it, and so forth. Of course, they would have to put the new bridge a few feet upstream from it. (Downstream? Sure, I don’t care.)

Great idea, eh? Yeah, I agree. Anyway, today they put up a sign:

Pudding River bridge closure sign
Don’t try to come through here at night on those dates!

And started poking a vertical hole in the roadway:

Now, four more photos I took this afternoon:

Eastbound road to Pudding River bridge
Approaching the Pudding River bridge from the west
drillers at work near the Pudding River bridge
What’s with drilling a vertical hole in the roadway?!
cones on the Pudding River bridge
Historic Pudding River Bridge, Hubbard, Oregon
Looking for water? Go east a little further and use a bucket!

It’s pretty exciting to see this post-surveying phase of the project. But…

Save Our Pudding River Bridge!

Now, please help me get the word out. Thanks! 🙂

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