Saturday 26.12

A look back at some things I saw online this week.

First of all, though, several of my many Google searches:

  • when to use roundup — How soon before rain, at what temperature, when in the year should I apply it? I found out straight white vinegar supposedly works just as well! I’m anxious to give it a try.
  • benefits of chamomile tea — It’s surely good for something besides making a body sleepy… Like, will it make the little spider veins in my ankles go away? Will it clear up any other blemishes? (Actually, that last one isn’t a search-trigger for me at all.)
  • characteristics of a clique — Over the last five years, I’ve heard of certain somebodies feeling ostracized or something. Not by me, you understand. Come to think of it, though, I suspect I’ve made some people feel excluded or overlooked…and I didn’t mean to! ๐Ÿ™ Problem is, neither did I mean not to. How could I be that insensitive when I know too well what it’s like to be (or at least feel) left out and uninvited!
  • omar fermin montenegro — I wanted to know if he’s still on the Most Wanted list of the Los Angeles Police Department. He is. I thought he wouldn’t be by now. Detective McKnight, wasn’t that settled in Nicaragua? Apparently not. I must have misunderstood the missionary… shrug

The Obama Event Registry — Apparently some hacker didn’t work his mayhem on the President’s blog (or whatever it is). In some ways, that would have been a better explanation for this. Oh well. Hey! Maybe I should set up an event registry for Christian Aid Ministries. Or for my own Web Events. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

A Disastrous Wedding Story — It does have its nice moments, though!

President Reagan Waived Executive Privilege For His Own Gun-Running Operation — I thought of Iran-Contra right away when I heard President Obama invoked executive privilege against Congress in its probe of the “Fast and Furious” thing.

Probation Officer Accepts Facebook Challenge…and Wins — If the challenger would have read this blog regularly, he’d have known to be careful about postings to social media.

Citizen Traffic Officers in Oregon — Oregon is the only state in the Union that allows citizens to write DIY traffic tickets. And to think I’ve never issued a ticket, despite ample opportunities to do so. Then again, nobody has issued one against me, so there you are.

Young Italian Mother Makes a Choice…and Dies — What a touching story! I hope she got her wish to spend eternity where her two other children are.

Mexico Drug War Triumph Turns Sour — They thought they had the son of El Chapo Guzmรกn. Alas (and allegedly), it turns out they snagged a used car salesman instead. (Color me fishy. I mean, my perspective on this. Something rings rather suspicious to me.)

Can You Identify This Endangered Teen

Loving the Pool’s Neighbor

Stuff (and Garages and Garage Sales)

How About Some Free Digital Sounds? — Just watch your step there.

Did eBay Ambush Sellers Again? — Just one more story/development to cool my eBay zeal just a little more.

Christian Angel Capital Network — Maybe I should try this route instead of a Roth Event Registry…

The Slow Web — Most of my years online have been slow. I finally got DSL in late September 2010. (This is about something different, though.)

And that’s it for Saturday Version 26.12 — thanks for your rapt attention! It’s what keeps bloggers blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Above all, love God!
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