Take This, Facebook Timeline!

Wherein Mark Roth assays to show you how to make the most of Facebook's Timeline. A (mostly) bellyache-free post with some helpful tips and tricks (or tidbits).

That’s right, I don’t like Facebook’s Timeline. 😯 I even say so on my cover image.

But this isn’t a post to bellyache about Timeline or its involuntary imposition on the masses of we humble proletariat. πŸ™„

I want to show you how to make the most of Zuckerberg’s brain storm.

1 Highlight certain posts. Clicking the star in the upper right corner of the post block makes it span both columns. I discovered that quite by accident, so now I use it to…

  • break the flow of my timeline
  • cause a certain photo to show up bigger
  • call attention to a current post
  • point readers toward an ongoing discussion in the Comments

2 Hide other posts. This keeps them from cluttering my timeline. I can unhide them later, after enough time has elapsed.

I know that doesn’t give you much for specific instructions. For those…and for additional ideas on how to improve your Facebook Timeline…I defer to these folks and their very helpful posts:

Now please tell us one thing you’ve done to tame your Timeline. After all, we might want to train our own Timelines that way also.

1 thought on “Take This, Facebook Timeline!

  1. When I was a FB user I simply got rid of the timeline entirely by using the the Chrome browser and installing the timeline remover extension. I recently permanently shut down my FB account and am using Google+ instead. My wife still uses FB and I occasionally browse a few friends through her’s. With G+ all the nonsense is gone such as all the annoying notices about FB games people play, no offensive ads etc. G+ is what we all wish FB could/would be but isn’t! πŸ™‚ It is a shame that what is better, Goo+, is trumped by what is most popular, FB. Unfortunately, I have seen it time and time again through the years with various tech fads and trends that come and go.

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