What’s the Opposite of Gay Pride?

I’d been thinking that the opposite of “gay” pride is “straight” humility.

But I just wondered a bit ago if matching up double opposites would have the same effect as a double negative in English.

Thus the opposite of gay pride might be straight pride or gay humility.

Because straight humility might be doubly opposite of gay pride and thus might actually be the same as gay pride.

Yes, I admit that’s kinda convoluted.

Well, the pretzelized thinking aside, don’t you just hate how the language gets hijacked? Why should gay mean homosexual?

And if a heterosexual is “straight,” is a homosexual crooked?


Oh, wait — that’s been hijacked, too. ๐Ÿ™„

Seriously, though, what’s with choosing pride?

Pride goes before destruction.
–Proverbs 16:18

Speaking of pride, see also:

Frankly, what I detest more than gay pride is my own pride. I think.

PS: I got to thinking about this after hearing of the gay pride deal at the White House this week, which is why this got categorized with politics.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Opposite of Gay Pride?

  1. I am sad about the way words get “hijacked” as you said. My husband and I try no to use “gay” in that context, but use the longer more traditional terms for that orientation. When I was a child, some 50 years ago, ” gay” meant happy, or colorful, or full of fun. Look at what face book has done to the word “friend”.
    As regarding pride, I have concluded that Pride is not proud. It’ll hang its hat on any hook that is available, even if it is something that you ought to be ashamed of. (In school I knew people who were proud of making C’s and D’s instead of making A’s and B’s.)

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