White House Breakfast Riddles

I know, watching someone else eat breakfast isn’t particularly entertaining.

And looking at a photo of “Five Top Politicians” breaking the fast is no big improvement.

But humor me a bit here — I have some questions about the photo below:

  1. Which one prayed?
  2. Isn’t that too much food for five people?
  3. They didn’t offer me any, but did they offer some to Pete Souza?
  4. What happened to the leftovers?
  5. What would make me wonder if they’re eating in a bedroom?
  6. Who do you see in this photo?
Five for breakfast at the White House
I’d like one of those edibles!

Source: Flickring White House

PS: I really wasn’t going to post anything here today… 😳 So I better get back to working on my listings at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “White House Breakfast Riddles

    • Iced tea. Why did I not think of that?! Maybe I’ll just have to make some today — half spearmint, half peppermint, with a string of fresh-out-of-the-lime stream o’ droplets. Thanks, Mr. Iced Tea Forever!

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