Yesterday’s One-Liner Lessons

Reminders and tips for living -- your mileage may vary...

If you have stony sections in your heart-garden, plant one verse there that helps you deal with that particular problem.

Start out on a problem by praying rather than by worrying.

God uses His Word to clean our hearts.

Get the right marks on your life — the marks of the Lord Jesus.

Speak with clear enunciation.

In a public meeting for young children, keep their visual attention.

God created a woman for Adam.

Sincerely commending another has an uplifting effect on the encourager.

If you quote from another in public speaking, at the very least disclaim the statement as your own — plagiarism stinks.

Don’t hold a child back and then blame the child for slow development.

Just because “No” is the automatic answer does not mean it is automatically the correct answer.

Don’t assume others will assume your assumptions about what you’re saying — be clear.

A clear insult in your mind may be less clear in the mind of the “insulter.”

Some of the above lessons and reminders and tips for living I heard from others (such as Ron Wolfer, Joe Mast, Lindsey Mast, and Kevin Boss) and have phrased according to my recollection of what they said.

Others of the above lessons I gleaned by observation and constructed by rumination (or something akin to that).

Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary, but I believe the above lessons to be true.

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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