Even Sewers Need Technique

An email leads to sewers' romantic photo

When two sewers become one:

sewer photo
Now isn’t that romantic?

This started with an unfortunate email Subject line I saw this morning:

a Joann's email subject

Would opening the email lead me to sewage or selvage? I clicked.

captured from a Joann's Fabric email

Click for a video of techniques by Yellen, a sewer.

Some ladies have a green thumb. She might also. For sure, she has a sewer’s thumb:

thumb photo

One of 40 techniques every sewer should know?

If you’re still with me by now, here are four books for your consideration:

Or perhaps this strikes you better: Sewers Aid.

Look, I write “heavy stuff” for a living, OK? So once in a while I unwind a bit with this kind of post. 😳 Thanks for understanding.

Besides, this is a great (albeit limited) illustration of semantic range. For some better ones, check out these (the first of which is by a cousin): medicine, lead, run.

Personally, I really like fix, but I better just quit with sewers.

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