“I Think I Made a Great Scientific Discovery”

I'd originally been looking at my nose.

And like most discoveries of any significant magnitude, I came upon it quite by accident.

In my peripheral vision, really.

So I looked directly. At myself. As I studied the mirror.

I’d originally been looking at my nose. Now my attention was focused elsewhere, distracted by those goings on previously at the edge of my vision.

Yep. I’d definitely learned something new, even this far past my 54th birthday.

I hurried to the kitchen for my wife’s help in confirming this amazing accidental discovery.

“I think I made a great scientific discovery!”

She was busy with supper preparations, but she humored me with less-distracted attention.

“I think my Adam’s apple is connected to my nose flaps!”

She stared at me.   😯

I started to laugh. I was unable to show her. I still haven’t.

Maybe later. Then I’ll show her I’m not weird.   🙄

My Adam’s apple moves slightly when I wiggle my nasal flaps.

Really! It does, I’m telling you!

“A YouTube video?” you ask? Yeah…I don’t know… How about this from Wikipedia instead?

Adam's apple: Wikipedia / Wikimedia

If you can wiggle your nose flaps, do it in front of a mirror then report below: “Does your laryngeal prominence move at the same time?”

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Above all, love God!
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