Ken Miller Sentencing Day

What will Judge Sessions say to Ken Miller . . . and about him?

Today is the day Kenneth Miller is to be sentenced.

For what again?

When he stands before Judge Sessions in about four hours, he will be there as one who before God committed no crime. (Yes, I know; that’s my opinion.)

Though I am extremely interested in knowing what sentence Judge Sessions will impose, I am even more interested in knowing what he will have to say about Ken and to him.

I was going to post this yesterday morning, but computer matters and church responsibilities prevented me from doing so. I was free again last night, but by then I was undisposed. 🙂 So, in case you haven’t seen this story elsewhere, here you go…

A Mennonite pastor that was convicted of providing assistance to an ex-lesbian who fled the country with her daughter is set to be sentenced tomorrow in federal court.

Ken Miller of Stuarts Draft, Virginia will appear before Burlington Judge William Sessions at 2:30 p.m. Monday as he faces up to three years in prison for his involvement in the matter.


“I’ve already surrendered my freedom to Christ, and if this is the path he chooses for me, I will walk it,” Miller told reporters following his conviction. “I am willing to accept the consequences.”

“I am at peace with God,” he added. “I am at peace with my conscience. I give it over to God.”

Miller has already been incarcerated over the past month for refusing to testify in the case of another man that is also facing charges for his participation in the matter. Miller told Judge Sessions that his religious beliefs prohibited him from taking the stand in the case, and while Sessions understood, he ordered that Miller be put behind bars until he is ready to talk.

Miller’s attorney, David Bercot of Amberson, Pennsylvania, reports that he has been in good spirits while in prison.

Pastor Who Helped Ex-Lesbian Flee Country With Daughter to Be Sentenced in Federal Court

May Judge Sessions do as God wants him to do.

Ditto for Ken Miller.


1 thought on “Ken Miller Sentencing Day

  1. “committed no crime” ===> BZZZT!! WRONG!!!

    He conspired and abetted international kidnapping. Kidnapping itself has a MINIMUM sentence of 20 YEARS, under federal sentencing guidelines. He’s MIGHTY lucky to get off with only 2-ish years.

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