Avast, ThinkPad, Bible 900, Hungering, XP, and Me

Pre-April-8 priorities brought upon me by Microsoft and hackers

Plagiarists and hackers, Microsoft and Christian Light Publications, children and bill collectors — they’re all having their own say in my day in their own way.

But it’s up to me to weigh my priorities and then arrange them by order of weight.

Among the top things still undone (by me) today…

  1. Keep “bugging” God about my traveling offspring. 😯
  2. Print out my daily To Do list with all the neat little boxes to check off.
  3. Finish this blog post.
  4. Install Avast! (free | pro) on my ThinkPad R51e.
  5. Image and back up said computer.
  6. Keep in touch with traveling offspring.
  7. Restore aforementioned computer to a previous fresh installation.
  8. Add another chapter to my next ebook: Hungering.
  9. Finish a blog post on content thievery (aka, plagiarism). πŸ˜›
  10. Update Windows XP for the last time in history. πŸ™
  11. Check Facebook, Google+, and my phone for updates from the traveling youth.
  12. Update other software on my ThinkPad.
  13. Image and back up my ThinkPad again.
  14. Pour four hours into writing Lesson 3 of the new Sunrise Bible 900.
  15. Pay one of my telecommunications bills.
  16. Work more on my version of Tax-argh!-edon 2013. 😳
  17. Image and back up my Dell.

And a few other things that really should get done today, including a trip to Hubbard and the bank and gas station across the street from each other there. But I’m leaving til Wednesday the matter of putting the Buick out by the road with a For Sale sign in it.

I wish I knew if Microsoft were releasing one last update to XP tomorrow. I better find that out before I do #13 above…

OK, Microsoft is of two minds…on its Windows XP End of Support Help:

End of support | Windows XP

So, Microsoft, will it end on April 8 or after? There is a difference you know.

Logic tells me there’ll be one last update tomorrow. (Naked Security and PC World confirm that.) Yeah, that makes abundant sense. I guess I’ll move items 10, 12, and 13 to tomorrow’s To Do list. :mrgreen:

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Above all, love God!
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