Back Online: My CLE Site

Your purchase = our commission -- thanks!

After being off-line since July 16 due to domain name issues, my site for Christian Light Education curriculum came back up a few minutes ago!

That link is the Anabaptists gateway to CLP’s site. Entering their site via our links at will generate a small commission for us.

Please consider ordering your school or homeschool CLE materials by clicking either of the green links above. In fact, you can order anything on their Web site that way, not just educational materials.

It will cost you the additional time and labor of one extra click to get to their site. After that, the process is just as though you had gone to their site directly without the stopover at our site.

Thank you!

(Why do they do this for us? Perhaps because Anabaptists provided them a free Web presence for many years before they had their own corporate site!)

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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