Oregon Coast: Helicopter Rescue

If you keep an eye on the tide and the breakers, you'll be OK...

My OregonLive RSS feed showed a dramatic helicopter rescue story. I like helicopters and Depoe Bay, so I clicked.

I looked at the photo and thought, “That rock sure looks like one I’ve climbed various times over the decades. That’s got to be at Fogarty Creek!”

Fogarty Creek (Oregon Coast) Helicopter Rescue

Sure enough:

On the rock at Fogarty Creek

The dramatic helicopter rescue of five people stranded on rocks Saturday near Depoe Bay was caught on video by passerby Maya Alexander, who posted the footage to YouTube and alerted The Oregonian.

The videos show a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter hoisting the stranded hikers off rocks at Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area about 30 minutes before a local official said the incoming tide would have swept all five people away.

Dramatic helicopter rescue

But…hikers? 🙄 Climbers. Maybe. 😆

higher on the rock at Fogarty Creek, Oregon

Anyway, if you’re ever on the Oregon Coast in the Depoe Bay and Lincoln City areas, check out Fogarty Creek State Park. I like the place. And the “hike” out at the water’s edge is also neat. Just keep an eye on the tide and the breakers.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that friends thought my people were featured in the rescue. 😯

They weren’t. The only connection between the first photo and the other two is the location. I’m sorry about the confusion I created for some. 😳

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