Plagiarism in Our Auditorium

I don't understand Christians using others' work without attribution.

Do you know how odd it is to hear the Sunday School teacher…and realize that nobody else realizes they are hearing your thoughts? I do.

Have you ever grown suspicious of a visiting minister’s phrasing…and later learned from Google that he was reading straight out of another’s book? I have.

I don’t mind public speakers reading or otherwise using material that isn’t their own. Provided they do it in moderation and with attribution.

But it’s a breach of integrity, ethics, and public trust to do so without letting the audience know they are doing so!

That’s plagiarism and deception, folks.

So a note to public speakers: Don’t pass off someone else’s work as your own!

When I “catch” a public speaker presenting another’s work without making clear what he is doing, what should I do?

What would you do?

4 thoughts on “Plagiarism in Our Auditorium

  1. Good post … my guess is that in most of the cases that you refer to it is a result of ignorance. A gracious memo or mention to the person seems appropriate.

    • And a good comment, Byran; thanks! 🙂 Gracious communication with the offender is always a good policy (albeit a tad difficult when the offender has since died). Regarding the ignorance angle, I suspect your guess is reasonably accurate; however, in the three instances I have in mind, they knew what they were doing. (OK, OK; more than a tad…)

      • just wondering where Matt 18 comes in here…one to one, loving confrontation, with redemption in mind, first step to righting a wrong, if I’m thinking correctly. You may be the only one who “caught” that misbehaving minister.

        • You are right, Loila. And that one-on-one visit is in the works…except for the case involving the now-deceased individual. (Thanks for commenting!)

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