Yazidis and Christians — Genocide in Progress?

What Christian Aid Ministries is doing to help a "little" bit.


Joel C. Rosenberg reports:


Even the media and the politicians are finally using the term genocide to describe what is going on in Iraq.

But the media and politicians aside, here is what Christian Aid Ministries is reporting…and doing.

The militant group known as the Islamic State […] invaded multiple villages throughout the Nineveh Plain. Many of these villages were home to Christians and Yazidis, adherents of a small and ancient religion.

As the militants took over, more than 500 Yazidis were killed, and more than 130,000 fled from their homes. While many made it to the nearby region of Kurdistan, almost 40,000 are stranded on a craggy mountain range. Fighters from the Islamic State have surrounded the mountain, threatening to kill anyone who comes off the mountain and refuses to convert to Islam. Meanwhile, suffering Yazidis are starving to death on the mountain.

Christians too fled in large numbers as fighters from the Islamic State advanced to their villages. […] Many of the Christians who fled made their way to Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region. There they are sleeping in churches, in church yards, and on the streets. Many of them are ill from the extreme heat and lack needed medicine and other supplies.

We are currently reaching out to some of those who fled by providing them with mattresses, medicines, and milk and diapers for children.

Islamic State Advances in Iraq


May God who is sovereign and omnipotent keep His own. And may He use His own to help the needy and love the enemy. I do not pretend to know the specifics of how He wants Iraqi Christians to respond to ISIS. But I do know in a general sense that He wants His people to love even those who are despised by others as inhuman subhumans. That can only be done by the power of the Spirit of Christ within.

Yazidi refugees from Sinjar head towards Kurdistan region

Oh, and you can read what Joel Rosenberg is reporting: We are watching genocidal conditions emerge in the epicenter.

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Above all, love God!
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