Cheers for Cash-Free Oregon DMV

Wherein the papery place finally offers a paperless payment option

If you’re an Oregonian, you may know the feeling of being in to DMV to renew license plate tags, change a vehicle title, or otherwise part with your money in one way or another. You fill out the paperwork with info and your version of John Henry. You hand over your plastic bank-in-a-wallet to pay, and . . .

“I’m sorry. We only take cash or checks.”

Oh. Right. Of course. You knew that. Great.

No more. I just saw this big, fat headline:

Oregon DMV now takes credit and debit cards at all offices

Pay with plastic cards at Oregon DMV now!

Now Oregon has one more place where you can answer the question, “Paper or plastic?”

You’re welcome. Glad to help.

Oh. The link for more info: Oregon Live aka The Oregonian aka Olive.

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