Flowers for Friends Afar

A brief visit to an old gravestone

Flowers in memory of these friends:

some flowers I put on James and Joan's gravestone

Flowers for their children and grandchildren who mourn James’ abrupt departure for the Land where Joan dwells.

Flowers for Orpha too. Perhaps some day you also will see this picture. Your Creator alone knows. We trust Him to do what is best for you at this time.

As I walked away from setting up the above photo, I remembered something I wrote (about Joan) back in 1999 for publication in one of Christian Light’s 2000 youth quarterlies:

She was an adulthood friend, almost old enough to be my aunt. We had our periodic differences, but she was my strong supporter and encourager, especially in school and church life. She died gradually…but victoriously…one more victim of cancer. I expected her death, but it was still hard to take. I mourned my loss — a friend and supporter, gone for the rest of this life. Even more so, I exulted in her gain — she died a Christian.

How shall we mourn the death of a friend?

I am blessed to have known James and his two wives.

Oh, and here are two screen captures of something I posted on Facebook the morning of March 27:

screen capture of something I wrote on Facebook

Orpha and James Smucker

Orpha and James

Pray for Orpha. Pray for the families. God bless them all.

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Above all, love God!
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