Kenneth L Miller, Federal Prisoner 08464-082

When the Christian faithful collide with a society in the grip of Satan's tyranny

Because “a woman’s faith and modern society collided,” Ken Miller reported to federal prison in Virginia on March 22, 2016.

In this “war against Satan’s tyranny,” Ken holds to the view that the proper weapons must be employed by the faithful disciple of Jesus. In the excerpt below, notice how he identifies such weaponry.

Ken Miller bids farewell to his home congregation

About 12 years ago Lisa Miller discovered that Jesus of Nazareth was powerful enough to take away her sins. He transformed her life and her lifestyle.

In the long, winding journey since then, Lisa has sought to remain true to her Savior and to her conscience.

By fall of 2009, due to the rulings of the Vermont courts, the reluctance of the Virginia courts, and a strangely impotent Defense of Marriage Act (Virginia law at the time), Lisa was about to lose custody of her own biological daughter.

She saw two choices; capitulate to the New Social Order, or stay true to the Moral Order established by God. She chose the latter.


Our weapons are the Cross of Christ, joyful suffering and loving our enemies.

Last Letter before Prison

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Above all, love God!
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