On My Heart to Talk About at Church

That which is most foundational and essential

Several weeks ago I was asked to speak this Sunday evening at our church. And I can talk about whatever I think I should talk about.

Mark looks at laundry machines

I have so many subjects and themes tumbling around in my head! But I’ve decided that more than anything else, I want to focus on that which is most foundational and essential. Perhaps I’ll tell you about it later.

Now for the list I compiled last week and the week before (so it’s bound to be incomplete). As you will see, I could be blogging for years to come. 😯 πŸ˜€

  1. congregational commitments for the new year
  2. my vision for my home congregation for 2017
  3. my long-range and short-range vision for the work of our Mission Board
  4. my visions for “our” work in Mexico
  5. purposes and visions for my Anabaptists web site
  6. why do I post to my blogs and social media?
  7. seven traits of a healthy church
  8. seven evidences of Christ-likeness in a Christian church
  9. how to row upstream despite the drift around you
  10. Christian leadership for homes and churches, schools and boards
  11. the Biblical use of position, power, and authority
  12. meekness and humility
  13. resolutions
  14. decision-making and the will of God
  15. in Jesus’ name
  16. Christians taking Christ’s name in vain
  17. building up another in the eyes of another
  18. “come into us” “be with us”
  19. generational sin and confessing the faults of our forefathers
  20. the ordinances of the church
  21. repentance and forgiveness
  22. unity and diversity
  23. living life on the Rock
  24. nonresistance in the church
  25. of kingdoms and citizenship
  26. God’s armor for God’s people
  27. be warmed and filled
  28. I hate failure
  29. suspicious concepts making inroads into the church
  30. privacy and security in digital communications
  31. critical thinking
  32. how to prepare and present a topic, devotional, sermon, or Sunday School class
  33. KJV and me
  34. The joy of the Lord is your strength
  35. objectives and motivations for nonconformity
  36. of motes and beams
  37. what are you building on the Rock?
  38. judging with righteous judgment
  39. exploring the edges of brotherhood
  40. decision-making, discernment, and God’s will
  41. bearing one another’s burdens
  42. power for victory
  43. book and authors to beware of
  44. when nonresistance substitutes for something greater
  45. evil reports
  46. false Christs in the second decade of the twenty-first century
  47. denying and crucifying self
  48. the perils and purposes of wealth for the Christian
  49. forgiveness
  50. Christian men presenting a unified visual witness with Christian women
  51. The three phases of Christian courtship: dating, engagement, marriage
  52. purity amidst the normalization of perversion
  53. What should be our response to injustice?
  54. first things first
  55. Has our congregation truly left our first love?
  56. why do you do that?
  57. “To me to live is Christ” — what does that mean?
  58. “In all thy ways acknowledge him” means…
  59. What is the meaning of church membership?
  60. What is the right response to hearing someone declare an evil or negative report about another?
  61. How did you fulfill your Christian duty and calling in the recent Presidential election?
  62. What does the Bible say about the duties of deacons?
  63. What does the Bible say about the role of the bood of Jesus in the life of the believer?
  64. What does the Bible say about resolving conflict?
  65. Some common misuses of misunderstood verses
  66. Dangers and opportunities on the Internet
  67. Did You Miss Seeing Jesus?
  68. Christ and the Gospel in the Old Testament
  69. Just who is Jehovah?
  70. responding to error in the assembly
  71. What it means to be a disciple of Jesus
  72. Cautions using cell phones, email, and the Internet
  73. What constitutes laying up treasures on earth and how do we avoid it
  74. Guidelines for relating to civil authority
  75. Why I Am NonresistantWhat’s the Bible Good For?
  76. Did You Acknowledge the Lord Today?
  77. Anabaptist Solutions
  78. What We Owe the Protestants
  79. Are You Building on the Rock? What?
  80. Treasures in Psalm 119
  81. Mining the Book of James
  82. Real Living for 2017
  83. As Culture Collapses Around the Christian
  84. The Sinister Specter of Socialism
  85. Communism, Caliphate, Church: The Day We Live In
  86. Do You Live As Though Jesus Were Still a Baby?
  87. Christianity Sensualized and Sexualized
  88. Being Holy in a Society Wholly Depraved
  89. Tips for Your Beam Removal Project
  90. God’s Call in Our Life
  91. Resilient, Rewarding Relationships
  92. Why I Do Not Keep the Sabbath
  93. Why Do We Keep Sunday?
  94. Peer Pressure
  95. Identifying and Dealing With Offenses
  96. Godly Use of Material Wealth
  97. May a Christian Be Wealthy? (When a yes or no answer won’t do)
  98. Why Am I Not Harvesting?
  99. Why I Believe in Eternal Security
  100. What Does It Take to Satisfy Me?
  101. Youth’s Role in the Church
  102. How to Avoid Becoming an Ex-Christian
  103. Expectations
  104. Sports
  105. Is This Church a Body?
  106. Is There a Brotherhood in the Church?
  107. The Priesthood of the Believer in the Community of the Church
  108. Nonconformity: Holiday or Holy Day?
  109. Of One Accord
  110. Respect for Civil Authority
  111. “And I Will Make You Fishers of Men”
  112. What Is Our Focus?
  113. Why I Accept the Genesis Account of Creation
  114. Nonconformity in Education
  115. Commitments: God and the Church
  116. Stewardship of Treasures
  117. What Is the Difference Between an Anabaptist and a Protestant?
  118. Striving for the Mastery
  119. Justification
  120. Abounding in Knowledge
  121. Christians Responding to Current Events
  122. The Sovereignty of God in World Events
  123. My Friends Withdrew from My Congregation
  124. Fight…
  125. Outward Adornment vs Inward Adornment
  126. I Went to Town With a Covered Head
  127. Parables of the Kingdom (Matthew 13:44-52)
  128. Avoiding the Temptation of Patriotism
  129. Avoiding Deception from the World
  130. Communing With the Lord All Day Long
  131. Relating to the World’s Holiday Practices
  132. Personal Attitudes That Contribute to Brotherhood
  133. A Cautious Approach to Change
  134. Longsuffering
  135. Boards With Foresight
  136. Respect for Peers: Why
  137. When a Congregation Breaks
  138. Can You Thrive in a Withering Church?
  139. Whatfer Fruit Have You Got?
  140. What Motivates and Powers Your Life?
  141. Where Was Jesus in That Meeting?

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